Drawing Attention

Drawing Attention is a Masterprogram specialization course open to all master students.

The course sets out to explore the act of drawing and painting, with a special focus on conciousness about how our body is restraining us from moving freely and on how using your body, can change the visual and intellectual outcome of your process. To draw is to use the body and the body is an essential part of the thinking process.

Emphasis were placed on a physical approach to drawing - and partly painting - on paper. An intermediate goal was to give the student a personal relationship with, or a level of confidence, with drawing as a place for reflection; development of ideas and exploration of detail in materiality, area outlines, public use and visual presentation.Through informal assignments and play as well as plenary discussions, students will develop a visual and verbal language for use in further work on their own projects.

Teacher: Terje Nicolaisen

Visiting teacher: Morten Jensen Vaagen

Model: Ellen Charlotte Bosch Aulie

Students: Veronica Kavochi Idland Kadasia, Hanna Gilboe Kirkestuen, Lise Benum Kjeldseth, Kristoffer Mattson, Tu Uyen Phan-Nguyen, Ella Regine Rishovd, Chen He, Ahmet Cám, Ranghild Angel, Katarina Holløkken Hammer, Lars Christoffer Gustavsson Holmen.