Edge Landscape: Innovative Park Systems in Contemporary Cities

The studio course examined the two neighborhoods of Haugerud and Trosterud, located in the northeast of Oslo. They are located first, at the suburban edge of the city, and second, at the edge of two landscape entities: the Østmarka forest and a characteristic geological rift. The studio asked for innovative strategies to upgrade the everyday landscapes in the context of rather banal urban planning practices of the 1970s. With the notion of anticipatory planning and ecological process thinking new landscapes were proposed that provide a framework for housing expansions and accommodate both cultural and environmental transformations in the near future.

Teachers: Karin Helms (Course Leader), Alf Haukeland, Hannes Zander

Students: Shiuli Mukerjea, Frida Nygård, Sarita Poptani, Yoann Rouzières, Janina Lissette Sanchez Cardenas, Florence Steenebruggen, Maria Charlotte Thoner, Sina Martinsen Walle, Lok Yan Wong, Xiaoyuan Wu