GK1: Introduction to Architecture

GK1 is an introduction to the professional study in architecture at AHO. The semester is organized around several different projects that make up the main part of the course. The semester begins with a conceptual architectural assignment in parallel with an introduction to freehand drawing. Then follows an assignment where the students carry out a project from idea to realization through construction in 1: 1. The last phase of the semester focuses on analysis through analog and digital drawing. The teaching in the first year of study marks the beginning of a coherent course, and the knowledge and skills the student acquires are built on throughout the three years of the basic education. It is characteristic of the practice of architecture that all the competencies one acquires work together as a whole, and are manifested through project work.

The material exhibited here is from the 1: 1 built project “Plattformen” - a freespace in concrete and wood - for exhibitions, events and/or socializing.

Teachers: Lone Sjøli, Jonas Gunerius Larsen, Mads Øiern, Katherina Putzer, Petter Kveseth, Sindre Wam, Carsten Oeding Loly

Students: Adena Aanerud, Aleksander Schumann, Aline Maxe, Andrea Fladberg, Ariana Amir-Mokri, Daniel Chavez Holmberg, Einar Runde Saxegaard, Emil Andre Ulsletten, Emily Suong Ngoc Nguyen, Eskil Buskov Selmer Hasløv, Even Oskar Torp Nilsen, Frida Hjertø Høidahl, Gabriel Di Meo, Guro Laa, Hans Egelid, Hedda Sofie Helgesen, Håkon Grundt Ingrid Skåland Lia, Jenny Draleke Larstuvold, Jhowi Aguirre Amaya, Johan August Skjømming, Jonas Lødemel Bråthen, Jonas Nilsson Lybeck, Katja Cecile Goulignac Jødal, Kristoffer Gjestland Brun, Kristoffer Prøis Kagnes, Lars Jakob Van Der Hagen, Leander Kristian Handberg Hovde, Linda Rosenvold Steen, Magnus Ravlo Stokke, Malin Støten Kjerre, Mantas Dimitrovas, Mari Iversen, Marlon Ulven, Martine Omland Beitohaugen Mikkel Gunby Sørensen, My Hallgren Berg, Nicolay Tangen Svennæs, Nikolai Mathisen, Oda Staupe Eide, Oliwia Aleksandra Raszkowska, Oskar Johnsgård, Paul André Markey, Peder Idsøe Røed, Pia Solberg Wikstrøm, Sara Haugen, Segen Gebremedhin, Selma Assakali Larsen, Severin Kokaas Ingebretsen, Sidrah Javaid, Sofie Kaspara Solgaard, Sofie Wetten, Thea Skovgård Jørgensen, Thomas Nørstebø, Tonje Vestrheim, Vegard Flikkerud Ydstebø, Victoria Diem Sang Le, Åshild Fjeldberg