Vocabulary of landscapes

Studio GK3 Naturlaboratorium is a foundation level course in landscape architecture. The studio investigates the flows and interactions of natural systems as forces and qualities of landscape formation.

The students have conducted a series of field studies of geology, soils and vegetation, paired with a reading of the hydrological situation and the interactions between living organisms and the environment they and we inhabit - and inherit.

A range of design considerations of landscape architecture, such as terrain forming, water management, accessibility, micro-climate, growth conditions, seasonal change, historical patterns and present day uses and users are discussed. This semester, the students have explored the natural, climatic and cultural context of Askerelva, across scales from watershed to site specific programmed landscape interventions.

Teachers: Elisabeth Sjødahl, Nuno Almeida, Hanne Johnsrud, Nils Roar Sælthun, Eric Reid, Kari Anne Bråthen, Tine Aamodt

Students: Julie Hjelt Wold, Markus Hovden Torsvik, Fredrik Svendgård, Malene Karlsen Strøm, Tara Lu Christensen Steihaug, Stian Stange, Iselin Listou Nordsletten, Martin Myran, Lisa Marie Mrakic, Katrine Liene, Sofie Fernande Stellander Kvitberg, Even Kristensen, Sofie Randall King, Frida Suzanne Karlsson, Julie Haukland Karlsen, Didrik Leslie Hembery, Eirik Ronæss Hansen, Ragnhild Haave, Tomine Haaland Furelid, Alexander Chuprov, Lars Victor Carlsson, Zeri Emilie Botani, Lajla Bækø