The master's studio course "Housing Individuals" attends to design approaches for individualized urban timber housing. It seeks to explore

1. the capacity of generic timber construction systems to answer to a unique context and to hereby attain individual expression and form, and

2. the ways these wooden systems facilitate housing individual inhabitants, adapting to their different and potentially changing needs.

The course also aims for conveying an understanding of timber construction principles and for developing feasible details that support the concept and desired overall expression of each project.

The students’ projects each suggest an urban strategy for a predefined site in Oslo, together with a housing concept, a building design and detail solutions.

In preparation of this multifocal design task, the students received lectures on a wide range of topics, studied built precedents and theoretical approaches, and in a conceptual wooden model explored own ideas about an individual sense of home in generic residential situations.

Teachers: Ute Groba, Ona Flindall, Moritz Groba, Cathrine Vigander

Guests: Much Untertrifaller, Dietrich Untertrifaller

Students: Andrea Vandsemb Nymoen, Ask Holmen, Gustav Cederblad Stamnes, Hanne Lisa Måløy, Hedda Teigen Ukkestad, Helén Dawes, Jonas Sannerud Kalin, Knut Skrede Østevik, Kristoffer Frydenlund Sælid, Magnus Øivind Ullnæss, Marte Gresslien, Pia Straumsnes Tangen , Reidar Andreas Tveit, Sabina Gabriela Brunstein, Simon Tverå Drage, Solveig Tjetland, Stina Meinicke