In Transit – Contingency City

A Collective center is - in emergency contexts - a pre-existing building used for temporary accommodation, provision of assistance, and protection of displaced persons – often located in buildings unsuitable for habitation, sometimes placed in so-called leftover spaces. Purpose-built collective centers are rare.

With new types of threats, with climate change, migration, and displacement being a constant phenomenon, what does the 2020 version of the Collective Center look like? Where are they placed? How can these centers be turned into positive places for a neighborhood? The studio has proposed eight projects in five different sites in Oslo, as examples of outputs of contingency planning for emergencies. 

Teachers: Håvard Breivik, Tone Selmer-Olsen, Paul-Antoine Lucas

Students: Camilla Urrego, Carina Lovise Forsmo, Marie Mork Nielsen, Julie Krogstad, Karen Stormoen Mykland, Lina Dovydenaite, Tord Mardoff Nielsen, Tu Uyen Phan Nguyen, Helle Brænd Rabbås, Yukang Yang