The elective course “The tree of Souls” aims for giving students a thorough introduction to the material wood, as well as its design potential and limitations arising from its inherent structural and physical properties.

Throughout 10 weeks the course visited Folkemuseum, a saw mill, heard from neurologists, biologists, historians and architects, covering a wide range from how to manage a sustainable forest to details of sound proofing of contemporary timber buildings, and worked on 5 introductory tasks on the way:

- Tree species
- Analysis of historic timber-detailing
- Analysis of contemporary timber buildings
- Lecture reports
- Detail analysis of contemporary timber buildings

The elective week consisted of an introductory task of drawing a detail sketch incorporating the essence of the short tale “a vision of a house”, and of developing a construction system in timber and a detail section of the master project each student was working on at the time.

Teachers: Moritz Groba, Jørgen Tycho

Guest Lecturers: Terje Planke, Ole Svenneby, Christian Steel, Jannik Abel, Bjarte Bye Løfaldli

Students: Marte Kramer Riseng, Mie Aspelin, Olav Andersen, Giacomo Piero Berner, Søren Ruud Dingstad, Simon Tverå Drage, Riham El Moazen, Åsmund Iva Fallet, Benjamin Ferdingstad, Julian Riise, Reidar Andreas Tveit, Oscar Figur Waddington, Ingvild Høystad Stavem, Helén Dawes, Frida Nilsen