Tromsø: Lively Worlds in Meahcci Landscapes

The topic of this master studio in landscape architecture is traditional ecological knowledge and contemporary Arctic landscape practices. Within the territorial scope of North Fennoscandia, landscape practices include reindeer husbandry, coastal fishery, small scale agriculture, outdoor recreation and harvesting food resources and materials. The North Sámi term meahcci, refers to landscapes where the natural resources are found. It is often used synonymously to outlying fields or outfields (in Norwegian: utmark) but it does not draw sharp lines between nature and humans' place in the world. The meahcci, stretches from the fjords and coastal mountains, via river valleys with meandering rivers, to the mountain plateaus. Through fieldwork, interpretative mapping and landscape design methodologies, this studio aims to explore how incipient landscapes shape capacity for resistance in time.

Teachers: Kjerstin Uhre, Anita Veiseth, Annie Breton

Censors: Marina Cervera Alonso de Medina and Hannes Zander

Students: Jasmin Berger, Weiwei Shuai, Nasim Sadeghpour Boroujeni, Enrique Molins Castillo, Chaozhong Shi