Moving Monuments: Rome

The OCCAS studio course Moving Monuments: Rome studies historical monuments. It invites each student to select a monument in Rome and investigate its past, using all available sources. A series of seminars and lectures, as well as individual supervision by six OCCAS teachers, present a spectrum of approaches guiding the students through history – and history through its many mediations. In this sense, “moving” refers to the transportation, recreation and circulation of monuments in media and materials, museums and models, print and preservation. The final “transformation” of the monument, so to speak, is the public lecture each student gives at the end of term, presenting his or her original research.

Students:Tora Lie Brunborg, Hilde Hagen, Nora Kilstad, Anne Lise Ladegård, Cathrine Tønseth Sundem, Christian Tømmeraas

Teachers: Tim Anstey, Joseph Crowdy, Mari Hvattum, Mari Lending, Victor Plahte Tschudi, Even Smith Wergeland

Guest lecturers: Camilla Chams, Jon Rognlien, Andreas Viestad

Sensor: Line Cecilie Engh