Traditional barahas, open areas on the barren land are predominant public spaces in Muharraq. As unplanned and unprogrammed transient spaces, they have potential to accommodate all kinds of architectonic structures and activities within the city.

The studio seeks to investigate an architecture of contemporary barahas, designing smaller public structures according to own program, based on the individual research of each student. The new structures could be temporary or not, engaging the structural logic and informal life of the city, in-between the monuments of Pearling Path and on the sea-shore.

The aim is to create a series of punctual interventions along the Path, to express its seasonal, transient and leisurely character and to trigger the new architectural understanding of public spaces in the city.

Teachers: Neven Fuchs, Noura Al Sayeh, Aleksandra Ognjanov, Giacomo Pelizzari, Mio Oribe, Thomas McQuillan

Guests: Smiljan Radić, Leopold Banchini

Students: Adrian Moene, Ahmet Cam, Aksel Akselsen Falkanger, Hedda Juel Paulsen, Helene Sellevoll Karlsen, Irina Garnets, Magnus Olav Wickmann, Riham El Moazen, Siren Fjærvoll Saltvik, Thomas Ryan, Viviana Avila Castañeda