To renew everyday architecture through the re-production of ecclesiastic architecture – as inspiration for, and challenge to the more ‘pragmatic’ architecture of everyday life.

The confrontation with, and interpretation of existing architecture, and the relation between architecture and mood, atmosphere, or spirit inform studies on how structural and material assembly are inseparable from the formation of characterful spaces.

Studio Positions provides an arena for students to concentrate and develop their own position in relation to architecture, delving into the social and cultural challenges of our time to reflect on how these challenges influence our relationship to, and use of architectural space.

Teachers: Lisbeth Funck, Matthew Anderson, Alma Oftedal

Guest lecturers: Marthe Elise Stramrud, Hannah Stoveland Blindheim, Nicholas Ryan Coates, Gro Lauvland, Sareh Saeidi, Beata Labuhn, Espen Surnevik

Sensors: Dagur Eggertsson, Per Olaf Fjeld

Students: Ragnhild Angel, Julie Elise Bølstad, Helene Marnburg Ellefsen, Pia Rosshaug Gjermo, Anna Malin Grønsberg, Johan Bendik Hessner Hille, Amanda Sophie Holst, Oda Østerås Lobben, Nhat Kha Danny Nguyen, Sofie Amalie Ramstad, Pål Luis Sanchez-Paredes, Tora Augland Stølen, Mengfei Zhou