RE-STORE: Prefab

This studio was about prefabricated and mass-produced architecture: its history, cultural value, spread and popularity, technological properties and spatial potential. The assignment was to investigate a number of existing prefabricated building structures, using the conceptual framework of experimental preservation to explore their reuse, transformation and preservation.

Mass-produced architecture challenges the idea of permanence, authenticity and authorship, it belongs everywhere and nowhere; it is temporal, it can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled over time, it is by nature limitless as it can be repeated and expanded, and it has multiple authors.

The studio encouraged the students to develop new methods of preservation through an experimental practice involving survey procedures, writing, drawing, physical model building, computer modelling, representational techniques etc.

Teachers: Erik Langdalen, Ingrid Dobloug Roede, Noora Khezri, Åshild Wangensteen Bjørvik

Students: Ingrid Petersen Dale, Søren Ruud Dingstad, Silje Dæhli, Hanna Eimot, Lars Christoffer Gustafsson Holmen, Anne Sofie Ommundsen, Thea Platou, Peder Ravneng, Sigurd Røsok, Elisabeth Skavik, Karina Tang, Kine Nordgård Ugelstad, Maris Mänd