TAP - Buildings in Life

As a common studio narrative, the teachers of the studio identified building types that we encounter through our life, from birth to grave. Each student was given a program from this passage to develop. The size and content of each project have been developed in dialogue with the studio teachers. The buildings of the studio do not have a connection in the form of a protagonist, rather this programmatical arch was used as a key to discuss architecture’s role in life. The students have been encouraged to develop a sensitivity to architectural nuances and to reflect on the emotional character of buildings.

All projects were given specific sites in Venice, Italy. The reason for this choice of locus is the city’s mythical character.

Students: Iris Botnmark, Fabian Granhaugen, Olav Andersen, Mateusz Pietryga, Juel Foss, Jens Johnsen, Yichen Fu, Emilie Swanstrøm, Noah Silver, Trym Langeggen, Yuning Song, Daniel Tenev, Maria Breigan Brox

Teachers: Beate Hølmebakk, Chris Johan Engh

Guests: Jonas Norsted, Jan Olav Jensen, Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk