The Found and the Constructed: Images as Model and Models as Image

A translation is always a creative act - a re-reading where meaning is lost and new meaning is created. The students have developed individual work dealing with the translation between found photographs, a sculptural object and an architectural model. As a point of departure, the students formulated their thematic by juxtaposing 24 photographs from existing archives, historical and contemporary. The thematic of this two-dimensional archive was then translated into a three-dimensional sculptural object, in an intuitive and associative process where abstraction was encouraged, rather than representation. The object was finally translated into an architectural model made with the explicit intention to be photographed.

Because of copyright issues on most of the Archive only a few are exhibited.

Teachers: Mattias F Josefsson & Espen Gleditsch

Lectures by: Morten Andenæs, Nils Olav Bøe and Stein Rønning

Sensor: Mari Lending

Students: Kim Nyseth Kvalheim, Ask Olsson Aabø, Iris Cook Botnmark, Maria Filippa Breigan Brox, Julie Elise Bølstad, Saimi Inkeri Järvinen, Sofie Amalie Ramstad, Eirik Mikael Skogli, Morten Stubberud, Mingming Zhang, Thomas Ryan and Vegard Dyrhol Riise