Themes and Concepts in Landscape Architecture

This theory course provided an overview over current themes and challenges in landscape architecture through weekly lectures, assigned readings, seminar discussions, and a semester writing assignment. Each week, one faculty member from the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape at AHO delivered a guest lecture to present their work and methodological approach to landscape theory and practice. The course thus provided a unique overview of the research and practice that is being taught in the institute. Each student was asked to select one of the themes discussed in the course and to reflect on it through their own thinking and writing.

Teacher: Hannes Zander

Guest Speakers: Jonny Aspen, Luis Callejas, Hanne Bat Finke, Karin Helms, Peter Hemmersam, Sabine Müller, Elisabeth Sjødahl, Marianne Skjulhaug, Rainer Stange, Giambattista Zaccariotto

Students: Maryam Baharvandi, Kamilla Bedin, Bengt Hilding Markus Bengtsson, Anna Selvåg Braadland, Lina Dovydenaite, Carina Lovise Forsmo, Irina Garnets, Malin Emilie Hoff, Ask Holmen, Helene Sellevoll Karlsen, Stina Meinicke, Frida Nygård, Sarita Poptani, Yoann Rouzières, Siren Fjærvoll Saltvik, Janina Lissette Sanchez Cardenas, Florence Steenebruggen, Maria Charlotte Thoner, Anna Malene Vik, Sina Martinsen Walle, Magnus Olav Wickmann, Lok Yan Wong, Xiaoyuan Wu