URBAN DESIGN: Sustainable Small Town Development

The studio operates within two converging, highly pressing concerns: the advent of sustainability as a major force within architectural discourse, and the planning of the Norwegian small town. Architecture and urbanism should in this context not be considered separate discourses: Buildings are environmentally determined objects, their raison d'aitre - economic, social, political - necessarily expressed in their physical form. This term, we have proposed alternative futures for Flekkefjord, with housing for 1000 knowledge workers and their families in relation to a proposed battery factory at Lista, as well as one public building, the innovation center. Our aim was to develop strategic building projects that could serve as exemplars for a new "aesthetics of sustainability" for Norwegian small towns.

Teachers: Jørgen Johan Tandberg, Andreas Kalstveit, Magnus Garvoll, Michael Lommertz, Jonas Løland

Guests: Paul Woodville, Ole Gustavsen, Lisbet Harboe

Students: Abdulkader Susanne, Aspelin Mie, Birkeland Ole-Morten, Elverum Petter, Gudnason Helgi, Helander Einar, Hervik Helgesen Lars, Järvinen Saimi, Kramer Riseng Marte, Lie Bakken Hanna, Ludvigsen Jørn, Malvik Kristin, Omre Henrikke, Stavem Ingvild, Wikborg Wiese Ted, Wikse Matias